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Science Day!

Dearcroft Students had such a blast on Science Day!
‘Scientists In School’ provided an amazing, hands-on, inquiry-based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) experience.

Here is some information about what each classroom worked on during science day.

Prima Casa and Casa students
“I can be a Scientist”
“They dug for dinosaur bones and made fossils as a paleontologist. They did some investigating about sea life as a marine biologist. They flew into outer space as an astronaut. They experimented with mixing and dissolving to create an erupting volcano while trying out the sciences of chemistry, physics and geology. ”

Junior Elementary Students (Grades 1-3)
“Soil: It’s too Important to Be Treated Like Dirt”
“They became a pedologist and got dirty with a variety of soil types. They discovered that soil is composed of earth materials and decaying organisms. They tested soil samples for essential nutrients and learned how soil supports plant growth. They also investigated erosion and learned about decomposers by studying earthy creatures.

Senior Elementary Students (Grades 4 and 5)
“Fractions in Action”
“They puzzled through fraction games, learning to read and compare fractions. Challenged themselves with the Fractions jeopardy game. Battled it out in Fractions War. They also used manipulatives to explore mixed numbers and improper fractions. They applied their new skills to follow a recipe and drink the resulting concoction.”

Senior Elementary Students (Grade 6)
“Air in Flight”
“They discovered the properties of air and the principles of flight by levitating a ping pong ball. They found the best wing design and angle of attack for liftoff. They discovered the correct mechanics of propeller construction. They also built their own plane and investigated the factors affecting the direction and speed of flight.”

Junior High Program (Grades 7 and 8)
“Battles in the Tropical Rainforest”
“Students traveled around the world and explored the tropical rainforest. They made a rubber ball, experimented with adaptations of rainforest plants and discovered the importance of each creature while building a rainforest food web. “

For more information about Scientists in School please check out their website:

PA Day Activities for Dearcroft Families – February 23rd, 2018

February 23rd – PA DAY


PD Day Activities with KNB Learning and Sewing with Kay

We have organized some optional activities for Dearcroft students during our upcoming Parent Conference day on Friday, February 23rd.

If you are interested, please contact the hosts directly.

PA DAY CAMP Exclusive to Dearcroft Students at KNB Learning

PA Day camps are $99/day. These camps include both LEGO Robotics and Minecraft Education, and all regular outdoor activities and games. PA Day camps run from 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. Also, there is an option to do a half day, the cost is $59.

PA Day Camp Registration & Materials fee is $11.

KNB Learning™ programs are designed to engage many different learning styles – visual, kinesthetic, and experiential.

We follow the philosophy of learning through experience and play. For children, their play is their work. We continue the learning and fun over holiday breaks, through our Winter Break, March Break, and Summer Camps.

Follow these links to register:

http://Full Day LEGO, Robotics & Minecraft Education PD Day Camp

http://Half Day LEGO & Robotics PD Day Camp

http://Half Day Minecraft Education PD Day Camp


PA Day Camp~ February 23rd, 2018


 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Sewing with Kay~ Learn, Create, Grow!

Sewing with Kay offers a fun relaxed atmosphere where a child can truly express their creative side!

Classes are designed to introduce children to the amazing world of sewing, guide them through a number of projects and help them build a sewing foundation.

To register, please email Kay to reserve your space.


407 Speers Rd Suite 205

Oakville, Ontario

Real Food for Real Kids Catering- Hot Meal Program

New for this school year 2017/2018! Real Food for Real Kids Catering…

Welcome to the Real Food Community – Parents

We have been very pleased with our Hot Lunch Program. Dearcroft has been working with Real Food for Real Kids catering. After listening to parent’s feedback we researched options that truly recognize the importance of healthy, fresh, nutritious meals that kids enjoy. Real Food for Real Kids came as the most highly respected leader in the community, with outstanding reviews from their clients.

While convenience is of importance, we recognize that many parents are looking for lunches that will help provide their children with energy for the whole day and set healthy eating patterns for life. Real Food for Real Kids strives to change the way children eat by helping them connect to real food. In addition to inspiring our children to make healthier choices everyday, Real Food for Real Kids is also committed to supporting local farmers and producers, and reducing their impact on the environment. We hope you will take some time to browse their website as we feel they are a great match to the values of our Dearcroft families. Hot meals will be available to all Dearcroft students, from toddler to Grade 8 (portion size adjusted). In fact, we have enjoyed the start of our experience with Real Food for Real Kids so much that we even have staff members ordering! We are very excited about starting this new program, and if you find it a struggle to provide a fresh, healthy lunch everyday then we encourage you to give it a try, no matter the age of your child.