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How to work on your Children’s Montessori Education Over The Summer At Home

What can we do at home over the summer to help with our Children’s Montessori Education?

We have many parents ask what they can do at home to help with their children’s Montessori Education. While we don’t send a lot of homework for the summer, reading is something we hope the kids are doing everyday to build their skills. Montessori children have a great reputation for being self-motivated, but we know that each child is different and has their own strengths.

New research indicates that children much prefer to read books and flip the pages than use e-readers.

We often suggest that in addition to reading every evening, we hope our students have a chance to relax and unwind so that they can return to school energized.

Spending time with parents helping around the house can provide some of the most valuable tools that your child will need as they enter adulthood.

Cooking, cleaning, building and organizing are all tasks that teach practical life skills and reinforce a sense of order and a deeper ability to concentrate.

Experiential Learning in Senior Elementary Grades Four to Six

Quebec City 2018

Every year our Senior Elementary Students embark on an experiential learning opportunity. This year in 2018 students traveled to Quebec City for 4 days and 3 nights with their teachers.

On their second day in beautiful Quebec City students experienced hands on what it is like to be in a circus, they boarded a motor coach and departed for Ecole de Cirque de Quebec. On this journey they learned how to fly on the trapeze, juggle, jump on the trampoline, and take a general lesson on clowning around.

After a delicious lunch in Old Quebec, students took a guided walking tour of Old Quebec with local guides.  Students journeyed old buildings and proud monuments that lined the winding streets, picturesque lanes, and steep winding staircases. Also, on schedule for the day was a self-guided visit to Musee de la Civilisation.

Day three consisted of Beaupre Coast Driving Tour, in this rural area of Quebec, they saw the seigneurial system first hand.

By 9:45 am that day the students had a self-guided visit of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre Basilica which tourists and pilgrims visit this Romanesque cathedral and it hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year!

To share in Quebec’s colour past, storytellers introduced groups to some of Quebec’s most famous legends using large and beautiful wooden relief sculptures by master Alphonse Pare and his students.

On the last day the students visited Montmorency Falls the most spectacular natural wonders of the Beaupre Coast. Onto Soldier of the Martello Tower accompanied by British offers, the students learned all about the conditions of the soldiers living in Martello Towers. Exposed to a Quebec traditions the students enjoyed a traditional sugar shack meal followed by folk music, dancing and maple taffy served on snow!

Why Bother Learning Cursive?

Why Learn Cursive

At Dearcroft Montessori, children in the Casa classroom (ages 3-5 yrs) learn cursive. Many children find it far less taxing because of the natural flow and are able to avoid common reversals, such as ‘b’ and ‘d’.

The activities they begin with in Casa may seem basic, but all activities have hidden goals that help reinforce Language and math literacy. Within writing, children often first learn by seemingly unrelated activities, such as cleaning tables.

While it would appear to have nothing to do with literacy, they are taught to wipe from left to right in a natural flow which starts them into the sequential steps of writing. From there they often begin tracing sounds on sandpaper letters, then forming those same letters in the sand, and finally writing on chalkboards. This is an example of how Dr. Maria Montessori materials were designed to be multi-sensory, sequential, and self-correcting.

Current research validates our observations, proving that handwriting activates neural circuits allowing students to find greater success in several different facets.

Here is a link to an article that outlines some of the reasons why our Casa students practice cursive.

October Open House

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