Thank you to our Dearcroft Families for all of your support

“We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.”

– J.K. Rowling,

Thank you Dearcroft Families!!! With all of your support, we have been able to prepare a soft landing for the family from Ethiopia. Elyas & Tayiba have been grateful for everything that has been provided, and are thankful for being here with us in Oakville. Thank you for all of your generosity to make this possible!

One of the team members who helped welcome the family and left us such an amazing comment.

“It’s hard to convey what a world of difference you have made for this family! I was talking to one of your parents, Jen, this morning, and we were both tearing up at the joy you have brought by sharing your love and compassion welcoming these united nation refugees to Canada. Beyond just supplying the household goods, it’s been the organizing to make sure that everything could be brought as needed! And it is a joy to witness how this family is taking to their new lives in Canada. Thank you to All of you who are demonstrating compassion and Modelling peace on earth.”

~ Wendy Perkins


Practical Life Skills


Montessori students are very helpful when it comes to practical life skills.

In the classroom you will find them sweeping and mopping the floor, cleaning and setting the tables, washing dishes, cutting fruit, preparing snack, pouring water, serving food with utensils, baking, dusting etc… These are all tasks that they love to do, they love looking after themselves and their classroom. It fosters independence and sense of self, with a deeper understanding for their place in this world.

Our Third Year Casa students had a lesson in baking cupcakes.


Dearcroft Family Discount Wai Nui Canoe and SUP Camp

Dear Dearcroft family:

Our canoe club has had the pleasure of hosting Dearcroft students paddling during spring and falls for the last few years. This year we have expanded the camps we offer, and are delighted to offer you a 10% discount for registering for our half-day morning summer camp during the week of July 2 – 5, for any registration prior to May 1st.

VERY IMPORTANT- If you are taking advantage of this amazing offer, please write on the registration form that your child is from Dearcroft Montessori School to receive the 10% discount.

We often hear back that our camps are ‘the best ever’ from parents as well as from kids themselves. Please join us to share the joy of outdoor life on the water in our urban wilderness.

Wendy Perkins


Dearcroft Summer Program – limited space available

The summer program provides students with an opportunity to focus on Arts, Science, Sports and Nature and is available in two sessions.

Limited Space Available  – only 4 spots left

First Session: July 2nd – July 26th
Second Session: July 29th – August 16th

Each Session is comprised of fun physical activities that encourage hands-on exploration to create, explore and experiment in a safe and caring environment, as well as offering the Montessori principles in a multi-age group setting.

We have several community partners that offer a diverse exploration of art, science, nature and various sports activities that will happen throughout the summer.

The price includes a catered, healthy lunch and snacks provided by Real Food For Real Kids and one free camp t-shirt.

If you are interested in registering your child/ren please let Catherine DeBorba know and she will email you the registration package.

Spring has Sprung and our Toddlers are dressed and prepared for the fun outdoors!

Spring has Sprung! Our Toddlers are jumping into the  season with such joy!

Spring is here and our Toddlers can’t wait to jump in the mud puddles and run around outside!

“We’re glad mom and dad dressed us for outdoor play – boots, splash pants and mittens will keep us warm and dry!”

We’re wearing Muddy Buddies – super cut and practical, but not required! 🙂