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Spring has Sprung and our Toddlers are dressed and prepared for the fun outdoors!

Spring has Sprung! Our Toddlers are jumping into the  season with such joy!

Spring is here and our Toddlers can’t wait to jump in the mud puddles and run around outside!

“We’re glad mom and dad dressed us for outdoor play – boots, splash pants and mittens will keep us warm and dry!”

We’re wearing Muddy Buddies – super cute and practical, but not required! 🙂


Afternoon Playdate at Lawson Park for Dearcroft Students

On Tuesday September 4th, Dearcroft Students got together to enjoy an afternoon playdate full of outdoor fun at Lawson Park.

Our afternoon playdates will be happening on a regular basis  and we want to encourage all  of our new and returning families to come out to the park and enjoy some outdoor fun!

We hope that you can join us!