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Virtual Curriculum Night – Thursday, November 5th, 2020

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Join us at our  Virtual Open House Curriculum Information Night, we are excited to take you on a virtual tour of our school and highlight our curriculum programs from Toddler to Junior High.

Education is perhaps the most critical component of a child’s development, with a legacy that permeates throughout his/her lifetime. As parents, we want to give our children the best start, and most importantly our children need to feel fulfilled, happy, inspired and nurtured.

One of the greatest benefits of Montessori education is building real-life skills that carry over when it is time to enter the workforce. Problem-solving, creativity, team work and responsibility run through the veins of a Montessori child.

At Dearcroft Montessori School our experienced staff take great pride in offering a warm and engaging environment for students providing programs for toddlers to grade 8.

A Montessori education consciously designs social communities and educational experiences that cultivate the child’s sense of self-awareness and empathy. Montessori learning environments allow for the respect and celebration of individual spirit within people of all ages.

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At Dearcroft/West Wind Montessori  School the comprehensive and methodical training of staff, excellent student to teacher ratios and long- term relationships allow us to focus on the individual child’s development keeping in-line with Montessori best practices. All of our classrooms feature: individualized, child-centred programs, enriched programming tailored to meet the needs of each student; multi-age environments; low student-teacher ratios; hands-on experiential learning; individual and small group lessons and enriched music and French programming.

To learn more, join us on Thursday, November 5th, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. 


Thank you for joining our Virtual Parent Information Elementary Session

Thank you for joining our virtual Parent Information Session for our Junior and Senior Elementary Classes. Here is a breakdown of what we went over.

Elementary:  6 years to 12 years old

The Elementary Program continues to build on the foundation established in Casa, and centres on the Montessori concept of a cosmic curriculum. Aided by a curious mind, developing imagination and ability to absorb large amounts information, the child begins to learn about the universe and his/her place in it. Careful attention is paid to the development of language and mathematical skills. These abilities assist in the integrated areas of history, geography, science, botany, zoology and peace education.

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  • Our classroom is structured to allow for the students to have consistency
  •  Our students are challenged with individualized programing tailored to their specific need.
  •  During the three- year cycle of their academic development in the classroom, our students gain, confidence, self-esteem and an impressive level of independence and learning.
  • Their maturity, sense of global awareness and overall citizenship is nurtured and strengthened by their multi-aged experience.
  • Both our Junior and Senior Elementary classes participate in a number of experiential education field trips.

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Virtual Parent Information Night Continued…


Each level held their own information session and gave insight into what to students and parents can expect this year.


There are five areas within our classroom.

  1. Practical Life: The child will be practicing daily living tasks to develop independence, focus, concentration, a sense of order and their pincer grip for writing.
  2. Sensorial: The child will be learning to compare and contrast by colour, shape, size, sound and dimension.
  3. Math: The child will be developing an understanding of the quantity and corresponding symbol from 0-9, teens, tens, decimal system (operations addition, multiplication, subtraction and division) and memorization of math facts over the 3 years in Casa.
  4. Language: The child will be learning the phonetic sounds letters make and develop an understanding that words are made up of sounds. They will start cursive and create stories over the 3 years in Casa.
  5. Culture: The child will explore the world around them through geography, history, art, zoology and science.

Goals of the Casa Program: 

  • Independence
  • Grace and Courtesy
  • Respect
  • Each child to develop their ability to listen and follow directions, focus, and lengthen their concentration.
  • For each child to think for themselves; become a problem solver.


Thank you for attending West Wind Junior High Parent Information Session


West Wind Junior High – Grade 7 &8

junior high learning, private middle school, grades 7 and 8

WWJH is a unique combination of Montessori philosophy and curriculum optimizing preparation for traditional High School environments. As an academically rigorous program, students are challenged through authentic, purposeful work projects. Challenging and engaging, it encourages academic independence, interaction and leadership. WWJH’s model fully prepares our graduates for the academic demands of the Ontario High School Curriculum.

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Goals of the program:

  • Our curriculum is set using scientific research and time-tested Montessori curriculum, allowing students to access:
  • Interdisciplinary units
  • A focus on action skills (conflict, resolution, project planning, research skills, public speaking, paper writing, project development and management)
  •  Mix of independent and collaborative work
  • French, art, physical education and music classes

Do you want to learn more about our enriched programs from Toddler to Grade 8?

We welcome you to join us at our Virtual Open House Curriculum Night.

We will be holding a Virtual Open House Curriculum Night:

Thursday, November 5th, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

Please rsvp to

Thank you for joining our Virtual Parent Information Night


Our Fall term is underway and while school is set up differently this year, we are very grateful to be back together on campus.


We were so thrilled to welcome our new and returning parents to our Virtual Parent Session for each level. We have such an amazing Dearcroft community, and we loved hearing all of the positive and uplifting feedback from parents.


Each level held their own information session and gave insight into what to students and parents can expect this year.

Toddler Program:

The Toddler Program is for children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years old. This is the period when children’s lives are the most formative, such that they absorb impressions from all aspects of their surroundings.

“Help me do it for myself”

Goals of the Toddler Program:

  • To help foster motivation and spontaneous activity
  • To provide sensory education for intellectual development
  • To encourage co-operative learning through social interaction
  • To provide learning opportunities through physical activity and outdoor activity for small and gross motor development
  • To foster confidence and competencies through repetitive concrete exercises and experiences

We work closely with parents in bringing the home environment in sync with the school environment. It is important that all children feel happy and safe in our school community.


To be continued…

Together is a great place to be!

Together is a great place to be!

Together is a great place to be! This year brings many challenges to school, for both educators and students. More than ever, it is critical that we help build resiliency with youth. As we don’t know how long these uncertainties may continue for, we are doing our best to continue to include elements of our program that allow adolescents to flourish, including experiential learning and opportunities for independence building.

To kick off our history session this year, our Junior High Teachers organized an outdoor walking with the Oakville  Historical Society.  They provide excellent programming teaching students about Oakville’s rich history. Students will be able to tap into this information as we begin our history.

In the afternoon our students enjoyed Stand Up paddling with Wai Nui  O’Kanaka Canoe Club on the Sixteen Mile Creek, Downtown Oakville.  Our students enjoyed this mindful experience.

Fall Bonding Class Workshops

Fall Bonding Class Works for Junior High and Senior Elementary

In lieu of the fall bonding trips, we arranged for Jessie Sternberg from to begin the school year with leadership training for the Junior High and Senior Elementary students.

Many of our students know Jessie (aka Cedar), who has led some of our Fall/ Winter trips for the Senior Elementary class.

Dearcroft has worked with Jessie for the past 20 years through our outdoor educational experiences, and she did a fantastic job of beginning the school year for this group.

Our students really enjoyed participating in many outdoor activities which included self-reflection, survival skill challenges, trust games, mindfulness, and a bonfire circle. These skills helped to build strong bonds between classmates and to help them to reflect and grow as a class community.