The Importance of an Accredited Montessori School- Tips to Consider

Tips for looking into a Montessori School for your Family

According to the CCMA (Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators) website:

“CCMA sets standards to protect the Montessori name.  Accreditation by CCMA is a way to help schools be accountable to each other, parents, and the larger community.  It also helps establish a consistency of standards and the preservation of the Montessori philosophy of education.  For parents, CCMA provides information and education to help make good choices and support their children in Montessori schools.”

A CCMA School offers your child:

  • A carefully prepared child-centred environment
  • Mixed age (family groupings) per classroom
  • An opportunity to progress at his/her own pace
  • Activity-based learning
  • Freedom and responsibility
  • Co-operation, collaboration, not competition

A CCMA School offers you as a parent:

  • Ongoing feedback on your child’s progress
  • An invitation to participate in many aspects of school life
  • An environment where parents and teachers support each other with the desire to help your child be successful

 The best way to learn about a school is to attend an Open House or Visit the school for a Tour around the campus:

  • You want to ensure that the Montessori Environment is focused more on the student’s learning than on a Teacher’s Teaching.
  • It is an individualized, child-centred program.
  • The Montessori Environment also offers an enriched program tailored to meet the needs of each student.
  • Teachers guide, coach and facilitate each child’s learning through continuous observation and assessment.
  • Low student/teacher ratios
  • Hands-on, experiential learning
  • Individual and small-group lessons


“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of their greater possibilities of their future .”.

Maria Montessori


Ensuring that you personally visit and spend time observing various Montessori Schools to make the most informed decision will put you at ease and help you envision your child thriving in this environment.

 In Montessori Schools children are treated as a whole person; they are respected and therefore they respect one another and their classroom.

Dearcroft provides programs for toddlers through Grade 8. We offer an intimate learning experience within our supportive and close-knit community. The comprehensive and methodical training of staff, excellent ratios and long-term relationships allow us to focus on all aspects of each child’s development.


Please visit the CCMA website at for information and standards.

Come Visit The Dearcroft Montessori Campus situated on a beautiful, historic two-acre property, within walking distance of Downtown Oakville.

 Attend an Open House:

Saturday October 21st, 2017 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.