Oh Canada, Our Home and Native Land

During the winter term, the children of the Junior Elementary class have been discovering what it means to be Canadian by exploring their home and native land.  Throughout their learning about their neighboring provinces and territories, great lakes, and the lives of many famous Canadians, our class has gained a true patriot love.

Our level one students have created their own maps of Canada, learning along the way the names of the provinces and territories from far and wide.  The level three students also researched and created timelines about the lives of inspiring famous Canadians.


We then had a day of celebration, where we all proudly wore red and white in honor of our true north wide and free.  Amongst all the red and white, there were also level 3’s dressed in things like cowboy hats and hockey helmets, disguised as famous Canadians.  Mock interviews took place that afternoon, where students took on personas of people like Shania Twain, Alexander Graham Bell and Wayne Gretzky.  The whole day was a great success and all the children’s glowing hearts really shone through.

In art this term, the students have been exploring the work of various Native Canadian and Inuit Artists.  Children have been reproducing and studying some classic Inuit imagery with a focus on positive and negative space.


By studying Canada, we hope that the children get a better understanding of what it means to be Canadian.  Furthermore, we hope that children gain a sense of pride for their country and understand how truly lucky they are to be Canadian.

Cara Fradley