West Wind Junior High

(Grades 7 – 8)

Westwind Junior High

Westwind Indigenous StudiesWest Wind Junior High (WWJH) is a two-year model that prepares students for success in high school and real life experience.  Inspired by the classic adolescent Montessori model, our program provides an integrated, experience-based curriculum intended to stimulate students’ minds.  Although drawing on many different educational experiences, the program also covers the key expectations of the Ontario Government Curriculum Outline for grade seven and eight.

At West Wind Junior High, our mission is to empower all students to become responsible, productive and caring citizens with a sense of social justice in an ever-changing global society.  Together, staff, students, parents and community members will create, foster and support a positive learning environment that will meet the diverse needs of every student.  We will establish high expectations for all students and we will provide them with the differentiated instruction, guidance and resources necessary for them to achieve these goals.

We recognize the uniqueness of this age group and the individuality of each Junior High student.  The learning experiences provided in this school are relevant to present and future needs of all students.

Westwind Timed Activities

Junior High students will be given the opportunity to develop a positive self-image, sensitivity to others, and an awareness of the responsibilities of citizenship.  The students will be provided with experiences that will develop their mental, physical and social potential so as to better prepare them to meet the demands of society.  The planning and implementation of the Junior High program will involve the student, the home, the staff and the community.

The primary objective of our Junior High program is to prepare our students thoroughly for the transition to traditional high school environments.  As the entry level year of high school is a new experience for all students, we pride ourselves in preparing our graduates well for this new chapter of their educational journey.  On a regular basis, we invite back graduates, in both public and private high schools, from our program to visit our students. During their visits, they share their perspective and advice on the learning road ahead and help our students to understand the level of preparedness required for their high school years.

Westwind Junior High Hands-On Learning