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Earth Day Video

Dear Friends,

As we celebrate Earth Day at Dearcroft, we wanted to share a wonderfully creative and timely video created by one of our recent graduates, Massi Montanari and his high school friends at Oakville’s Holy Trinity S.S.

Posted on Facebook last evening by globally renowned environmental documentary film maker, Rob Stewart, this music parody video inspired by Taylor Swift, (also a Montessori graduate) is a great example of the passion, creativity, engagement and talent of today’s youth.

In the video, Massi portrays Stephen Harper and the message of their efforts is clear.  Clean air, water and a healthy environment matter to our youth and their voices are not going to be silenced!

Having hosted Rob Stewart at Dearcroft on several occasions as he shared his conservation message and discussed his remarkable films, Sharkwater and Revolution, our students have clearly been inspired.

Congratulations to our staff and students for the many impressive environmental initiatives we’ve launched on campus.  From a spark can grow a mighty flame… the energy from which can change the world!

Enjoy the link to Massi’s collaborative effort and congratulations to Rob Stewart for the gift of his brilliant documentary, Revolution… being launched globally today on social media.  Share it with the world!

Happy Earth Day 🙂 !