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2019 Expedition Education – East Coast

As we approach the wrap up to Expedition Education #23/Canada’s Maritimes/June, 2019… we have experienced many wonderful adventures together on the road.

A couple of days ago we were exploring the spectacular Cabot Trail and Cape Breton Highlands where we enjoyed one of the world’s loveliest coastal drives. While visiting Baddeck on the shores of beautiful Bas d’Or Lake, we toured the fascinating Alexander Graham Bell Museum, commemorating the life of the brilliant inventor, his supportive family and remarkable band of friends and colleagues. Bell loved Cape Breton as it reminded him of his Scottish roots and the great inventor is buried nearby on his estate at Bhein Breagh. During his remarkable lifetime, he also became familiar with the career of Dr. Maria Montessori and was so impressed with her work that he in fact sponsored a series of lectures… helping bring Montessori education to North America! At the museum we also viewed the full scale replica of the Silver Dart, Bell’s aircraft that ushered in the era of flight in Canada, lifting off the frozen lake in February 1909… the first manned flight in the British Empire.

Back on the mainland of Nova Scotia, we visited Pictou and the landing site of pioneering Scottish immigrants who made landfall there on their ship the Hector in 1773. A re-creation of this 85’ ship is alongside the wharf there. From Pictou we took the ferry to beautiful Prince Edward Island. Here we have been enjoying the red earth, beautiful beaches, pastoral farmland and bountiful history of our smallest island province. Our Fathers of Confederation first met here in Charlottetown in 1864, paving the way for the creation of Canada three years later on July 1st, 1867. As we approach yet another Canada Day celebration… visiting beautiful places like these jewels of the Maritimes, has reminded us all of just how incredible the country we call home truly is! ❤️ 🇨🇦
Gord Phippen

Kicking Off Dearcroft’s 50th Anniversary Festivities! Pub Night at Moonshine Cafe!

We hope you’ll join us later this term for a special evening of celebration as we kick off Dearcroft’s 50th anniversary festivities!

Join us on Thursday, March 1st at the Moonshine Cafe in Kerr Village as we gather to chase away the ‘Winter Blues’... while celebrating Dearcroft’s 50th Anniversary and spring’s imminent arrival! Our MC for this milestone gathering will be long time friend of Dearcroft and resident of Oakville… CBC/Hockey Night In Canada broadcasting legend, Ron MacLean. As one of our country’s best known broadcast personalities and a truly iconic and beloved Canadian, Ron will have some great stories to share, offering insight into our country, our game and the incredible role that hockey and sport has played in binding together our great country from coast to coast to coast.

We are also excited to be joined by another ‘Dearfriend’, Mike Branton, one of Canada’s finest blues guitarists. Mike will be providing our musical entertainment with some great blues and classic tunes to warm up the first night of March. The fun begins at 7 p.m. and tickets will be available later this month. 

We’ll be raising money that evening to support a new scholarship honouring the memory of globally acclaimed documentary film maker Rob Stewart, a close friend of Dearcroft who died tragically in a scuba diving accident last year in Florida filming while filming a sequel to his remarkable movie, Sharkwater… a stunningly powerful film that alerted the world to the plight of sharks, the barbaric and unsustainable practice of shark finning and the emerging environmental crisis in the world’s oceans.

Rob’s films including Sharkwater and Revolution were Canada’s most successful environmental documentaries. They won dozens of film awards around the world… inspiring countless people around the planet with their breathtaking cinematography and clarity of message. At the time of his untimely death, Rob was considered one of the world’s leading voices defending marine conservation and environmental stewardship. An inspiration to all, his passion for protecting sharks and all forms of life in the oceans brought him global fame. As an advocate for ocean health and the critical need for educating the world about sustainable living, Rob had no equal. His vision, film making excellence and generosity of spirit made his death at age 37 a great loss to Canada and the world. A new scholarship at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia has now been established in Rob’s memory to support students working in ocean science and carry on the critical research needed to support Rob’s message. In recent years, Rob visited our school on several occasions and empowered our students through direct engagement with his film making process as he edited his documentaries. He inspired our students and people around the world through the brilliance of his work. At Dearcroft we are very excited to be developing a new collaboration with Dalhousie University’s Ocean School, a program educating Grade 6-8 students about coastal management, ocean pollution, climate’s affect on the oceans and conservation of marine species. This will lead to future Expedition Education trips for our students to the Maritimes and field studies related to marine science. We will be forever grateful to Rob and Dalhousie (the university he worked so closely with) to bring such important information to the world.

Watch for further ticket information coming your way soon regarding our upcoming 50th Anniversary Winter Pub and ways you can help us moving forward in promoting environmental education.


Open House at Dearcroft Montessori

Oakville’s Original Montessori School

Celebrating 50 years… Dearcroft Montessori was established in 1968 and has remained family owned and operated throughout its history by a team of dedicated Montessori educators.

As Oakville’s original Montessori School and the third oldest Independest school in our community, Dearcroft is CCMA accredited and a founding member of the Oakville Independent Schools.

Our nurturing, highly dedicated staff take great pride in providing a naturally beautiful, warm and engaging learning environment for our students.

Dearcroft offers programs for Toddlers to Grade 8, through a dynamic, highly enriched learning experience within our supportive and close-knit community.


Our highly experienced and qualified staff, excellent ratios and long-term relationships allow us to focus on all aspects of each child’s development. We look forward to meeting you on our campus at our Open House…this Saturday, October 21st, 2017. Come see why Dearcroft is your Natural Choice.

The Montessori Choice is a Natural Choice (Part #2)

The Montessori Choice is a Natural Choice: 

Often parents come to the realization that Montessori is the perfect alternative that can deliver all the benefits of homeschooling.

Regarding traditional schools, Maria Montessori wrote: “education is…largely directed toward the suppression or bending of the child’s will, and the substitution for it of the teachers will which demands from the child unquestioning obedience.”  The Montessori Method is based around the finding that children have an inherent desire to learn.  Montessori schools provide an individual program enriched with hands- on learning materials that focus on practical life skills. The classrooms are designed to mimic a forest, where children can walk freely.

Maria Montessori realized that the goal of education should be creating independence for students. She found that teachers are most effective when working as observers, directing the innate psychological development of children. A Montessori school feels like a home.

Montessori schooling has created some of the most innovative minds of our time, such as Google, Wikipedia, and Amazon founders. Montessori education provides students with freedom to pursue their own interests, inspiring a genuine life-long passion for learning.

“Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not just by listening to words, but also by experiences in the environment.”- Maria Montessori

Schedule a tour today to discover why Dearcroft Montessori School is your natural choice.

Open House is Saturday, October 21st, 2017 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.

Expedition Education 2015

Maritime Provinces

The Maritime Provinces

Dear Parents,

Expedition Education, Discover of Canada

We are now organizing the details for our upcoming 2015 Expedition Education journey to Canada’s Maritimes… the first leg of a three year, coast to coast trip across Canada.  Nineteen years ago, our first Expedition Education journey took us to the Atlantic coast (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island).  We returned again seven years later in 2003 and also organized two separate trips to Newfoundland in 1999 and 2004.

Expedition Education, established to enrich the experiential learning of our senior students, involves unparalleled Canadian studies opportunities.  Through this dynamic, award winning travel and discovery program, our students come to discover Canada through an immersion based, first hand experience.  This remarkably unique journey of learning is Canada’s most comprehensive and ambitious experiential education opportunity for elementary aged students.

This year’s trip (scheduled for June 12th-21st) is open to students in Levels 5-8.  The journey will be led by Mr. Phippen, Mr. Gunn and Ms. Walker.  Over the years, we have enjoyed the company of parent chaperones on several of our Expedition Education adventures and if you would be interested in joining us for some or all of the trip, we would welcome your interest!  Travel is largely by motor home and in addition to a camping element, accommodation will also be facilitated at motels en route.  The Maritimes is one of North America’s most scenic and friendly regions, home to some of our country’s most important historic and cultural attractions.  We’ll visit famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites including historic Lunenburg, home of the legendary schooner Bluenose and beautiful Grand Pre’ in the heart of Acadia.  We’ll also explore the spectacular Fortress Of Louisbourg in Cape Breton and the impressive stone walled ramparts of the Citadel overlooking Halifax as well as historic Confederation House in Charlottetown where our founding fathers first met in 1864 to discuss Confederation.  In the Maritimes, the star attraction is the Atlantic Ocean.  In fact there is no place in Nova Scotia more than 100 km from the sea. Forged by the strength of its Atlantic roots, the history, language, music and cuisine of Maritime culture is delightfully unique.  Geographically stunning and culturally unforgettable, Atlantic Canada is truly a national gem.

For those interested, we are planning an information evening for … Thursday, April 9th @ 7:00 p.m in our West Wind Jr. High building.  We will be discussing the itinerary & learning objectives in detail and will also cover logistics, cost, packing list etc.  Part of the evening will include an AV presentation of previous Expedition Education journeys to the Maritimes…so we hope additionally that you’ll join us to learn more about our exciting tradition of journeys across Canada… from ‘coast to coast’!  If you have any questions in advance of our Information meeting… please don’t hesitate to contact me through the office.

Gord Phippen & Expedition Education staff

Maritime Provinces
Maritime Provinces

Gord Phippen