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After School Program with Yoga Rocks at Dearcroft Montessori School

Yoga Rocks Kids@ Dearcroft

This program offers a playful approach to yoga for children ages 4 – 9 years old. We combine fitness, fun yoga poses, group games and which allow children to explore this form of exercise naturally. In this class children will develop body awareness, strength and flexibility. They will practice poses that improve balance, coordination and gross motor skills. The children will also be introduced to BRAIN GYM, which are physical exercises that help integrate the left and right brain function, encouraging whole brain thinking. Students work together in small cooperative games which encourages team work! As each child begins to master the yoga poses he/she will build self-esteem and confidence as well as increase focus and attention.


Antoinette Finelli & Marcia LeBlance will both be teaching the Yoga Program this school year. Both are Certified Yoga Instructors for adults and kids. Marcia loves teaching yoga to kids of all ages in English and in French! As Children’s Yoga instructors they have observed the benefits gained by students and they love to share this great activity with children of all ages.

The goal is to engage children of all abilities to become active, self- confident and healthy through this non-competitive activity.

Spring 2018 Tuesday Afternoons:

10 week program

3:45 – 4:30 pm.

April 10.17.24. May June 5.12.


The registration forms are attached to this email. If you are interested in signing up your child for the 10 week Yoga After School Program, please fill out the forms and return them to the office before April 10th. 


Antoniette  Finelli

(905) 220 – 4863


Real Food for Real Kids Catering- Hot Meal Program

New for this school year 2017/2018! Real Food for Real Kids Catering…

Welcome to the Real Food Community – Parents

We have been very pleased with our Hot Lunch Program. Dearcroft has been working with Real Food for Real Kids catering. After listening to parent’s feedback we researched options that truly recognize the importance of healthy, fresh, nutritious meals that kids enjoy. Real Food for Real Kids came as the most highly respected leader in the community, with outstanding reviews from their clients.

While convenience is of importance, we recognize that many parents are looking for lunches that will help provide their children with energy for the whole day and set healthy eating patterns for life. Real Food for Real Kids strives to change the way children eat by helping them connect to real food. In addition to inspiring our children to make healthier choices everyday, Real Food for Real Kids is also committed to supporting local farmers and producers, and reducing their impact on the environment. We hope you will take some time to browse their website as we feel they are a great match to the values of our Dearcroft families. Hot meals will be available to all Dearcroft students, from toddler to Grade 8 (portion size adjusted). In fact, we have enjoyed the start of our experience with Real Food for Real Kids so much that we even have staff members ordering! We are very excited about starting this new program, and if you find it a struggle to provide a fresh, healthy lunch everyday then we encourage you to give it a try, no matter the age of your child.