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Dearcroft At Learn From Home – Second Term starts February 2022

Dearcroft At Learn From Home Second Term Starting Feb 22, 2022

 Registration for Second Term now open

Currently our Dearcroft Learn From Home students have been busy with various online and offline learning opportunities including:

Language: letter symbol and phonetic sounds, phonetic sound games, initial sounds
Math: numbers to 10 (symbol and quantity), teen symbol and quantity
Sensorial: smelling bottles (spices and herbs), matching colours together/to their environment, to material (provides lots of movement and dialogue for sharing thoughts and ideas about selected objects), stereognostic sense (mystery bag of objects worked with in practical life and sensorial activities)
Culture: Calendar, Seasons, Continents (Map of the World), Provinces (Map of Canada), Parts of a Tree (Arbory), Parts of a Leaf (Botany), Parts of a Horse, Parts of a Fish, Parts of a Bird
Practical Life: (Fine motor skills and gross motor skills) Nuts and bolts, cutting snippets, pouring water jug to cup, squeezing a sponge, sorting objects

For more information please email:

dearcroft.learnfromhome@gmail.com to learn more about our program

We are offering a virtual classroom learning experience uniquely designed for those unable to attend school in person.

Daily Online prep-program sessions conducted with an experienced Montessori trained teacher that will enrich your child with group and individualized lesson.

Lessons will consist of:


* Language

*Language enrichment


* Culture


Montessori materials-based curriculum for children ages 3-7 years. All lessons are prepared and presented by experienced Montessori educators. A  daily online prep-program led by an experienced  Dearcroft Montessori School teacher providing enrichment for your child through group  and individual lessons supplemented with individualized work packages made available for non-contact pick-up.

How to work on your Children’s Montessori Education Over The Summer At Home

What can we do at home over the summer to help with our Children’s Montessori Education?

We have many parents ask what they can do at home to help with their children’s Montessori Education. While we don’t send a lot of homework for the summer, reading is something we hope the kids are doing everyday to build their skills. Montessori children have a great reputation for being self-motivated, but we know that each child is different and has their own strengths.


New research indicates that children much prefer to read books and flip the pages than use e-readers.


We often suggest that in addition to reading every evening, we hope our students have a chance to relax and unwind so that they can return to school energized.

Spending time with parents helping around the house can provide some of the most valuable tools that your child will need as they enter adulthood.

Cooking, cleaning, building and organizing are all tasks that teach practical life skills and reinforce a sense of order and a deeper ability to concentrate.