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Dearcroft Growing with our Community

Dearcroft Growing with our Community

Dearcroft Growing with our Community

Opening the 2022-2023 school year at Trafalgar Crossing, a beautiful and exciting new development at the SW corner of Dundas and Trafalgar, our new additional location will feature state of the art space created in partnership with the Sigma Group, one of Canada’s premier builders of hospitality space. Sigma’s founders are supporters of the Montessori model of education, and we are excited to work together to create this beautiful new learning environment, which is planned primarily to serve the needs of Toddler and Casa students.

With Dearcroft soon being able to offer quality Montessori education to more families in Oakville, we will strengthen our position as a leader in our education community, adding depth of programming and helping ensure growth of a balanced pattern of enrollment at both our Lakeshore and new North Oakville campus.

As we move forward with the opening of the new location, we will be sure to share more details of the evolution of this exciting new project! In the meantime, on behalf of all our staff, the Phippen family and indeed all members of our school community, we wish you a truly magical holiday season. A special time of celebration, together with your family and friends. Be well, stay safe and warmest wishes for a healthy, happy, and uplifting year ahead.

Mindfulness In Montessori

Mindfulness in Montessori:

Mindfulness in Montessori can be observed and experienced by being present with a child, by observing their language and their movements. Actively listening to what the child is saying and what thoughts they share and to whom they say and share them with, can present many creative ways to connect and cultivate learning moments that have a healthy and lasting impact on them.

An interconnected form of being mindful and present -by way of observation and connection, for example, with a child in the classroom is within the duration of a lesson. When a child is offered and presented a lesson, being present with them models and expresses grace and courtesy such as kindness, respect for space and time, focus and productive attention.

An equally important aspect of mindfulness that is embedded in Maria Montessori’s pedagogy, and tightly integrated in the atmosphere of every interior and exterior environment is the preparation of oneself -the adult. Being mindful and present with your thoughts, your words and your actions will

help you to model to the child: grace and courtesy for each learning process and developing wholesome relationships in every aspect of their development.

-Julie Agiannidis

Dearcroft At Learn From Home


Thank You For Attending Our Virtual Open House

Thank You For Attending our Open House and Curriculum Nights.

OUR TODDLER CURRICULUM NIGHT  was held on  Wednesday, November 10th at 8:00 pm (virtual) 
Thank you for joining us over Zoom last week for our toddler virtual curriculum night  held by our Toddler Teachers for  our Toddler parents currently in the program.
Our  OPEN HOUSE & NEXT LEVEL NIGHT was held on Thursday, November 18th at 8:00 – 8:45 pm (virtual)
Thank you to all of the families who were able to join us over Zoom to learn more about Dearcroft Montessori. We really enjoyed meeting all of you and look forward to welcoming you on campus in September 2022.
Than you to all of our current families and interested in families who were able to join us for The Next Level Night which is a special tradition at Dearcroft, where parents are invited to learn more about the next program for your child.  Teachers from Toddler, Casa, and Junior Elementary provided an overview of their program, and parents had the opportunity to get to know teachers and ask questions.  This was a “must” attend event, that helps empower you when making decisions about your child’s education.  
If you are interested in booking a personal tour of our school please email:
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To learn more about what our parents are saying about us please click on this link:

Winter Open House (Virtual) Toddler & Casa

Virtual Open House:

Thursday,  February 11th 2021

7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Casa Learning by Exploration

Join us at our Winter Open House, meet our dynamic staff and learn about our enriched Toddler and Casa Programs.

At Dearcroft/West Wind Montessori  School the comprehensive and methodical training of staff, excellent student to teacher ratios and long term relationships allow us to focus on the individual child’s development keeping in-line with Montessori best practices. All of our classrooms feature: individualized, child-centred programs, enriched programming tailored to meet the needs of each student; multi-age environments; low student-teacher ratios; hands-on experiential learning; individual and small group lessons and enriched music and French programming.

To RSVP to our virtual Open House please email info@dearcroft-montessori.com and more details will follow.

We look forward to meeting with you online.

West Wind Junior High is raising funds to support education in Wabauskang First Nation through SchoolBOX North

Hello parents and students,

We are Hugh and Holly from the West Wind Junior High classroom. This term our classroom has been studying First Nations. Moreover, we just finished an eight-week independent study project on the Residential School System.


Residential Schools have had a lasting and multigenerational impact on First Nations all across Canada. Additionally, many modern First Nations currently lack access to education. For this reason, we are organizing an Orange Shirt Day fundraiser to help raise awareness of the lasting impacts of residential schools, as well as helping to improve the access to education for a Northern First Nation community.

We ask on Tuesday, December 15 every student wear an Orange Shirt to spread awareness of the effects residential schools have had on First Nations. Additionally, we are asking for any donations, small or large, from the Dearcroft community. All of the proceeds from the event will go to the charity SchoolBox North, which is helping the Wabauskang First Nation community improve their access to education. This community located in Dryden Ontario is currently lacking a classroom, and the children have to drive an hour to get to school and an hour back each day. We are trying to buy them the necessities of a classroom such as desks, chairs and computers. The donations would greatly benefit this community, and we thank you in advance for your support.

If you are able to, we ask you donate to SchoolBox North through the link below:


For more information about please check out this blog series trying to dispel myths and educate people about indigenous issues. https://apihtawikosisan.com/2013/10/from-residential-schools-to-the-first-nations-education-act-colonialism-continues/