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Looking for March Break Activities

Dr. Montessori recognized the importance of sensorial work for students.  She saw that each human is born with the gift of intellect, but like physical maturity, children’s minds need good nutrition and plenty of exercise in order to flourish.  The sustenance needed for brains comes in the form of sensorial exploration, which helps kids form new ideas and abstract concepts.  Montessori created a series of brilliant sensorial materials that are designed to isolate each sense, allowing for students to refine their understanding in each area.

Key benefits of children’s work in the sensorial area include the following:

  • expands neural pathways and aiding in neurological organization
  • trains and refines the senses, building intellect
  • creates order and clarity in the child’s world
  • develops concentration, coordination, order & independence
  • builds appreciation for beauty, attention to detail, and encourages creativity

Check out this blog for great activities that will appeal to all of your child’s senses.

Breanne Rymes