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Emotion Focused Parent Workshop Series

Emotion Focused Parent Workshop Series

Empowering  Dearcroft parents and finding tools and skills to handle difficult situations more effectively  

  • Session #1 Tapping into emotion (February 3rd 7-8pm) 
  • Session #2 Validation and Discipline (February 17th 12-1pm)
  • Session #3 Connection and Deepening your relationship (April 7th 7-8 pm )

Join Alyse Nishimura who is a registered Social Worker (RSW) holding a Master of Social Work (MSW), for 3 sessions on exploring different emotions and learning effective tools to connect to your child/teen. Learn how to reduce problematic behaviour in any situation. Each session builds onto the next and Alyse will provide takeaways to practice until the next session.  

 Emotion focused Parenting: 

Learn effective tools to connect to your child/teen and reduce problematic behaviour in any situation. 

  • If you struggle with setting limits or boundaries? 
  • Does your child have big feelings? 
  • Do you sometimes not know how to deal with your child? 
  • Is there conflict in your house? 
  • Do you feel like you never have enough time when your kids are acting out? 


This workshop series will give you tools to help you manage these situations and more. You will leave these workshops feeling more confident and at peace with parenting. Additionally, you will be able to connect with your children in a meaningful and powerful way. 

*Please remember these sessions are meant for adults only to attend and not for children. 

Update- Ministry Announcement – School Closure

Dear Parents,

Ontario’s Education Minister Stephen Lecce and Premier Doug Ford provided the long awaited announcement that schools will not be reopening again this school year.  

It has been decided that while the Province is moving into stage 1 of reopening, both the Minister and the Premier feel that they cannot risk the safety of Ontario’s students at this time.  Although a disappointing announcement for all, considering today’s status of recovery in our province, we are understanding and supportive of this decision.

Looking ahead, while the Province continues to adjust its course, and as new information comes to light, the Education Minister did commit to providing announcements regarding the September school year before the end of June.  It was suggested that work on new protocols is already being discussed.  We as a staff and administration, continue to monitor all directives and will prepare for this input as we plan for September.

In addition to planning the logistics for reopening on campus, Dearcroft will follow all new protocols and guidelines as they come from the Provincial and Regional Education and Health Ministries. 

Of primary concern moving forward, we will prioritize the safety of our students and staff.   Like you, we greatly anticipate our return to our school campus next fall.  We will continue to update you on related developments and thank you all sincerely for your ongoing support.


Gord Phippen, Catherine DeBorba and the Dearcroft Staff