“Dearcroft was a welcoming environment from the start and I cannot thank my teachers enough for ensuring that my transition to a new school was a breeze. They take it upon themselves to get to know each and every student that walks through the door. My teachers always inspired me to do my best in all aspects of my life. I’ve become a better person and learned so much about myself during my two years in the West Wind Junior High program.”


“I’ve been at Dearcroft for eleven years and I’m really sad to see it end. My teachers have been so kind to me and some of them have been there since I was two years old.”


“This school has given me the opportunity to learn at my level and develop more positive work ethic.”

To me Dearcroft means love. It means family. Whenever I’m feeling sad my friends and teachers know what to do. My Dearcroft is always trying to make the world a better place in every way we can.

At Dearcroft I have friends I can trust.

I like how Dearcroft is a Montessori School. Three grades are put together so everyone can help each other.

Dearcroft is very different from other schools. Everyone goes at their own pace.