PERFECT place to set the base for your child

The toddler’s class at Dearcroft Montessori is the PERFECT place to set the base for your child to build up. We were so lucky our daughter Kaya had the chance to be part of the lovely welcoming environment there. The effective way of teaching was clearly reflected on how Kaya advanced her way of independence. We have found at Dearcroft our extended family, a safe environment that would nurture the development and learning of our children. Thanks to all the wonderful teachers and staff!

Grateful for the future of our children

You educated my kids (and me) in such a wonderful way and guided my daughter to veterinarian school and my son to a creative destiny. I’m grateful for what Dearcroft/West Wind has done for the future of our children.

A Magical School

Gord Phippen – you and your family created a magical school that educated both our children. It taught them to be kind. To be wise. To inquire and enquire. For that gift, I am eternally grateful.

A huge round of thank you to all of you.

You are so well ahead on the planning. A huge round of thank you to all of you. It’s been amazing to see how well the boys have adapted. The office is no longer really ours. But our sons.We feel very grateful to Dearcroft and West Wind ! Our feedback is that they are doing really well so far! And their virtual music and sports in the yard continues to progress as well 🙂

“Junior High has allowed me to discover my passions and interests and has guided me to improve within areas that I wasn’t as interested in. In both Senior Elementary and Junior High, my classmates have always been kind, as well as hard working. This has not only driven me to work hard throughout the years but has allowed me to create many friendships along the way. The opportunities I have received at Dearcroft are countless. From travelling to conferences in New York City, to exploring the West Coast, these experiences have been both educational and memorable and they couldn’t have been possible without this school. My years at Dearcroft have been incredible and have prepared me for the rest of my life.”

Testimonial: I love Dearcroft and all the staff

Cheers to the best school ever!!!!

I can’t tell you how much I love Dearcroft and all the staff……

Truly a school with heart, wisdom and the most beautiful place for children to grow…

Christine Manning and crew 🙂

A Good Start

I just wanted to say how happy I am that we chose Montessori for our daughter Abigail. She will have been at Dearcroft for four years by the end of this year.

At the beginning she was behind especially in math and thanks to the materials which pave the for learning she feels she has caught up if not got ahead in most subjects.

The teachers have all been amazing and she says they are all fun and approachable and the English curriculum is very similar to what my son had at a faith based school. Their positive attitude has helped her grow in confidence and nurtured a love of diversity and multiculturalism.

She loves her school and wouldn’t want to skip a day not even on a snow day.