Many Thanks!

On behalf of Philip and our family, thank you to everyone at Dearcroft for a truly stellar visit on Friday! Philip had an incredibly wonderful and inspiring time at your school, and he came home singing the praises of absolutely everyone he had the privilege of meeting and working with at Dearcroft! (I only wish I could have joined him; instead, I only have the pleasure of experiencing it all vicariously through Philip’s detailed accounts!)

I am sure you all realize how fortunate you are to share in such a vibrant, lively, creative, and intellectually curious community, and Philip was inordinately impressed not only by Dearcroft’s remarkable hospitality, but also by its palpable love for learning, as well as its joie de vivre! Thank you again for providing such a warm, welcoming environment for Philip, and for helping to make the visit run so seamlessly and smoothly!
It was a delight for Philip to spend time with all of you, and we truly hope that we will all be sure to stay in touch and perhaps even engage in further opportunities for sharing the wonders of learning and literacy in the years to come.