Thank you for joining our Virtual Parent Information Elementary Session

Thank you for joining our virtual Parent Information Session for our Junior and Senior Elementary Classes. Here is a breakdown of what we went over.

Elementary:  6 years to 12 years old

The Elementary Program continues to build on the foundation established in Casa, and centres on the Montessori concept of a cosmic curriculum. Aided by a curious mind, developing imagination and ability to absorb large amounts information, the child begins to learn about the universe and his/her place in it. Careful attention is paid to the development of language and mathematical skills. These abilities assist in the integrated areas of history, geography, science, botany, zoology and peace education.

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  • Our classroom is structured to allow for the students to have consistency
  •  Our students are challenged with individualized programing tailored to their specific need.
  •  During the three- year cycle of their academic development in the classroom, our students gain, confidence, self-esteem and an impressive level of independence and learning.
  • Their maturity, sense of global awareness and overall citizenship is nurtured and strengthened by their multi-aged experience.
  • Both our Junior and Senior Elementary classes participate in a number of experiential education field trips.

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