Thank you for joining our Virtual Parent Information Night


Our Fall term is underway and while school is set up differently this year, we are very grateful to be back together on campus.


We were so thrilled to welcome our new and returning parents to our Virtual Parent Session for each level. We have such an amazing Dearcroft community, and we loved hearing all of the positive and uplifting feedback from parents.


Each level held their own information session and gave insight into what to students and parents can expect this year.

Toddler Program:

The Toddler Program is for children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years old. This is the period when children’s lives are the most formative, such that they absorb impressions from all aspects of their surroundings.

“Help me do it for myself”

Goals of the Toddler Program:

  • To help foster motivation and spontaneous activity
  • To provide sensory education for intellectual development
  • To encourage co-operative learning through social interaction
  • To provide learning opportunities through physical activity and outdoor activity for small and gross motor development
  • To foster confidence and competencies through repetitive concrete exercises and experiences

We work closely with parents in bringing the home environment in sync with the school environment. It is important that all children feel happy and safe in our school community.


To be continued…