Virtual Parent Information Night Continued…


Each level held their own information session and gave insight into what to students and parents can expect this year.


There are five areas within our classroom.

  1. Practical Life: The child will be practicing daily living tasks to develop independence, focus, concentration, a sense of order and their pincer grip for writing.
  2. Sensorial: The child will be learning to compare and contrast by colour, shape, size, sound and dimension.
  3. Math: The child will be developing an understanding of the quantity and corresponding symbol from 0-9, teens, tens, decimal system (operations addition, multiplication, subtraction and division) and memorization of math facts over the 3 years in Casa.
  4. Language: The child will be learning the phonetic sounds letters make and develop an understanding that words are made up of sounds. They will start cursive and create stories over the 3 years in Casa.
  5. Culture: The child will explore the world around them through geography, history, art, zoology and science.

Goals of the Casa Program: 

  • Independence
  • Grace and Courtesy
  • Respect
  • Each child to develop their ability to listen and follow directions, focus, and lengthen their concentration.
  • For each child to think for themselves; become a problem solver.